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Calm During the Storm

(Third in a series for National Nurses Month)

In our continuing series on nurses for National Nurse’s Month, we’re featuring Queendaline Waturuocha, RN, in the transitional care unit at Saint Therese of Woodbury, a woman whose heart is a big as her smile.

Queendaline joined Saint Therese last November, having recently earned her nursing degree after rising through the ranks from Certified Nursing Assistant to LPN to now RN. She moved to the U.S. in 2013 from Enugu, Nigeria, where she worked in a medical lab.

Despite her short time in the Woodbury community, Queendaline has impressed with her great attitude. One coworker commented that she comes in every day with a smile and is a pleasure to work with. Also that she’s very sweet with the residents, super caring and brings great patient care.

That demeanor was put to the test in early April when a major snowstorm hit the Twin Cities and the combination of snow, wind and sleet impacted staff trying to get to work. Queendaline found herself nearly alone in the TCU that day and she worked hard to keep everyone comfortable. She had to organize the nursing aides that came in and even helped out in the kitchen as they were short staffed as well. “We were all working together to do whatever needed to be done,” she said.

Queendaline worked that entire day starting at 6 a.m., and then had to work the night shift because others were still not able to get to work. She slept overnight in the lunchroom and then got up and worked the next day.

A woman of faith, Queendaline said she asked God for help, something she does routinely whether an ordinary day or a tough one.

She said she tries to make her residents smile, no matter what they’re going through. “I like being a nurse,” she said. “I believe we feel what our residents feel and that allows us to make them better.”