At Saint Therese, we're always here for you.

We take a unique approach to long-term care based on individual needs. Whether your long-term stay is temporary or ongoing, our trained, compassionate professionals work with you and your loved ones to develop a personalized care plan that allows you to experience your best life every day.

Individuals may need long-term, skilled nursing care following a hospital stay or surgical procedure or while recovering from an illness or injury. Other reasons include: permanent disabilities, chronic pain, complicated medical issues, cognitive impairment or other conditions. We offer 24-hour skilled nursing care, including specialized care for cardiac rehabilitation and dementia as well as emotional and spiritual support. At Saint Therese, we care for the whole person with great compassion.

Long-term care is available at four locations. Saint Therese of New Hope offers private or shared rooms. Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake in Brooklyn Park and Saint Therese of Woodbury offer private suites. IHM Senior Living Community offers a variety of floorplans.

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