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Saint Therese of Woodbury will be Empira-Connected

Empira Resource Nurse, Kelly Klund, LPN, will lead the year-long journey.

Supported through the combination of Saint Therese’s mission of doing ordinary things with extraordinary love and Empira’s vision of a future where aging is better tomorrow than today, Saint Therese of Woodbury is excited to announce that we are on the year-long journey to become an Empira-Connected Community!

Empira-Connected Communities acknowledge residents, guests, families and employees are more so united by what is commonly shared as opposed to differences separating us. Each person has a need to be understood and feel valued as well as the desire to thrive physically and identify with something bigger than ourselves. 

Throughout this year-long project, we will look deeply into our internal and external operational practices to ensure we provide the best care and services to meet the mental, physical and spiritual needs of everyone belonging to the Saint Therese family. 

Headshot of Empira Resource Nurse Kelly Klund, LPN who will work for the next year leading Saint Therese of Woodbury in becoming an Empira-Connected Community.
Empira Resource Nurse
Kelly Klund, LPN

Empira Resource Nurse Kelly Klund, LPN will help lead this journey at Saint Therese of Woodbury. She’ll work with us to promote meaningful and active engagement as well as help us to protect our valuable sleep at night so we can live our best lives. We’re excited for this partnership with Empira! Our work together will ensure our community is a place where everyone feels like part of our family.

Together, we’ll get to know the people making up the heart of Saint Therese on a deeply meaningful level. By promoting the use of root cause analysis (RCA), our team will employ a more structured method of problem-solving to efficiently learn what, how and why a problem occurs. Then, we can determine how to prevent it from happening again.

While RCA is typically known for being explored when issues or roadblocks arise, it’s actually an extraordinary tool to be used when something goes right— to ensure that it happens again! We believe focusing performance improvement or the development of best practice at the very root cause is much more effective than merely reacting to every day success.

Saint Therese of Woodbury will be an Empira-Connected Community before we know it. We’re ready to embark on this journey because of the exceptional commitment of everyone at Saint Therese. Thank you for your willingness to act as pioneers, taking on a new approach to aging and positioning Saint Therese as industry leaders in quality improvement programming.