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Merry Christmas to our community members, friends & partners!

As a gift for Christmas to our community members, friends and partners, we invite you to enjoy this poem written by our talented care center residents at Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

The Hilltop

I’ve watched the seasons of my life
mixing together and blending in my heart…
Aspen leaves quaking in a light autumn breeze
brings my mind to a happy day long ago
when the shining sun feels peaceful…

Evening approaches inviting us on a trip to the Hilltop wagon rides.
With great excitement we get on that hay wagon…
children, family, friends, even a boyfriend.
Everyone is welcomed to join in the fun.

“The more the merrier,” we chant.

The scent of hay bales fills us as we jump on…
departing on a well-worn track
pulled by horses with a skilled guide
Stopping to toast marshmallows out in the field.

Reflections of our younger days,
Of children playing in the leaves after school.
I remember raking those same leaves…Then running through corn rows
Chasing, laughing, falling…
I look around me and notice all the things I have planted
are now growing beautifully.

Strolling and rolling into Anne Marie’s “chat group”,
we are greeted by new friends, old friends….
where we harvest our memories together
with our trusted guide, Anne Marie,
who pushes us to share stories, wisdom and reflections.

“You just know God is here with us.”

We feel so blessed to gather together…it warms our hearts
knowing that no matter the season of life
there will always be someone who cares and through the
busy chatter of the blue jays on this late October day,

We are grateful for our hayride of memories where all are welcomed.

Surrounded by friends this morning,

We sit in fellowship at our chat group…our circle of trust
providing a safe place to bring our smiles, laughter and tears
as we walk this season of our lives
together, sharing prayers and love

And one more trip up to the Hilltop.

Written by Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake residents of the Roadhouse
and Lakehouse neighborhoods (October 2019)