• Colby and I really like visiting everyone at Saint Therese.

    – Shawn L.

    Saint Therese Pet Therapy Volunteer
  • It's rewarding to be able to make someone smile. You never know the kind of impact you can have on someone just by being kind.

    – Donna P.

    Saint Therese of Woodbury Volunteer
  • I love the seniors in memory care. We tell stories and I make them laugh. And even if they don’t remember the next time I’m there, I don’t mind. I can tell them stories and make them laugh all over again.

    – Linda

    Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake Volunteer
  • I love the connections I’ve made here at Saint Therese. I lose so much time when I talk with residents; they have such great stories to share. Volunteering gives me a new appreciation for people.

    – Kaecey A.

    Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake Volunteer
  • Volunteering in memory care at Saint Therese helps me remember my mother. I really enjoy the feeling I get when making a difference in someone’s day.

    – Mary F.

    Saint Therese of New Hope Volunteer
  • Emma loves volunteering at Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake and is so proud of herself. Her parents are thrilled Saint Therese has been so welcoming to her and loving. The residents have been so great to her as well. Thank you!

    – Cara P.

    SKILLS Instructor, Park Center Senior High School
  • My friendship with Harold is the greatest gift of all. I never would have met him had I not volunteered at Saint Therese.

    – Jolie M.

    Volunteer at Saint Therese of Woodbury
  • I love nonprofit senior care— especially that it gives me the opportunity to serve my hometown doing work that I enjoy.

    – Rachel P.

    Director of Human Resources
  • I love being able to offer a cup of tea or coffee and something to eat to new families; encouraging them to make themselves at home when they’re visiting family at Saint Therese. These small acts are means to comfort and relaxation.

    – BJ

    Chef at Saint Therese at St. Odilia
  • Working at Saint Therese at St. Odilia feels like coming home every day. The relationships I build with our residents is so rewarding and fulfilling.

    – Sue E.

    Nurse Manager