• My therapists make me laugh, are very patient and willing to try new techniques to improve my health. I think the whole team is wonderful.

    – Marcie

    Saint Therese of Woodbury Resident
  • When I moved in three years ago, I was so excited to get my hands on all the books in Saint Therese’s library! I asked if I could help in the library and here I still am volunteering.

    – Sally N.

    Saint Therese of Woodbury Resident
  • My favorite thing about living at Saint Therese of New Hope is the fellowship and friendship here.

    – Bob H.

    Saint Therese of New Hope Resident
  • I will never be able to adequately thank Saint Therese staff for their kindness and compassion during the last days of my grandfather’s life. Each met needs we didn’t even realize we would have. We were spared worry and distress because of the many ways you provided strength and services to us during this difficult time.

    – John G.

    Granddaughter of Former Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake Resident
  • From our first meeting, on the day my father-in-law was admitted, your guidance gave us peace of mind. We are very happy with his transition to Saint Therese of New Hope. The nurses are fantastic and very caring to our needs.

    – Lisa M.

    Daughter-In-Law of Current Saint Therese of New Hope Resident
  • When my mother-in-law was in palliative care at Saint Therese, staff sang hymns together in harmony while helping residents during breakfast. It was such a beautiful, calming way to start the morning. I loved it even more when some residents joined in—so you really knew they enjoyed hearing the music too.

    – Kris H.

    Daughter-In-Law of Former Saint Therese of New Hope Resident
  • We didn’t expect Mom’s end-of-life process to be so seamless and special. Daniel (Pastoral Care Coordinator) taught us how to talk and read to her while also providing comfort to us. He also helped us use music in the hospice basket provided by Saint Therese. One evening, Mom was having a difficult time. We put on one of the CDs and, immediately, she found peace. We played that same CD day and night until she went to God. It was a beautiful home-going for Mom.

    – Diane G.

    Daughter of Former Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake Resident
  • I felt like I couldn’t do anything before I started working out at Saint Therese. I have gotten stronger and more sure of myself.

    – Diane D.

    Saint Therese Wellness Center Member
  • I feel a great deal of gratitude to Saint Therese for providing quality care during the last three years of my mom’s life. As a resident, she was treated with care and respect. The staff was responsive to her needs.

    – Laura O.

    Daughter of Former Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake Resident
  • I didn’t expect life at this age to be so exciting. Every day, our lives are expanding with new experiences, friendships and love.

    – Margaret

    Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake Resident