Where Every Heart Matters

At Saint Therese, we do ordinary things with extraordinary love. It’s a way of life that guides our path every day.

Our story began in 1968. Grounded in the Catholic faith and inspired by the sisters of St. Benedict, who receive all as Christ, Saint Therese has thoughtfully evolved to best provide for the individuals, families and neighborhoods we serve.  As a nonprofit organization, we are grateful for the philanthropic support of generous donors through the Saint Therese Foundation, support that strengthens services and inspires innovation. We work hard to serve a larger purpose by establishing a place where everyone feels welcomed, valued and loved. 

We’re blessed with the resources to follow everyone’s story as it unfolds. Today, our five Upper Midwest senior living communities provide a continuum of compassionate care designed to empower residents to live as they choose —whether selecting independent living, skilled nursing support or memory care.

At Saint Therese, every day provides another opportunity to live with purpose, as illustrated by our Guiding Principles:

Welcoming one another

Everyone is welcome at Saint Therese. We understand that everyone has a personal story, and that story matters. Saint Therese communities offer comfortable, inviting spaces where residents, guests and employees can connect and grow their relationships. 

Lending a hand

From one neighbor holding the door for another to the exceptional care provided by our employees, at Saint Therese, lending a hand is second nature. We strive to ensure that everyone who walks through our front doors feels safe, comfortable and loved.  

Providing heartfelt purpose

At Saint Therese, our days are designed for purpose. Our communities provide ample opportunities for engaging activities, meaningful social connections and friendships, prayerful contemplation and more. 

Valuing each individual

Saint Therese provides a welcoming home, no matter an individual’s preferences or personality. We value, support and care for residents and their families through exceptional services, personalized interactions and spiritual connection. Every person in our communities is important. Every person matters. 

Spreading kindness and compassion

When we say we do ordinary things with extraordinary love, we mean it. At Saint Therese, we act with kindness, compassion and love in all that we do, no matter how big or how small. By doing so, that kindness spreads and grows. 

Connecting through spirituality

At Saint Therese, pastoral care is always available; every day to celebrate triumph and joy or to be present through grief and anxiety. With a heartfelt ear to listen, no matter religious affiliation, we advocate for the well-being and personal empowerment of all.


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