Where Every Heart Matters

At Saint Therese, we do ordinary things with extraordinary love. It’s a way of life that guides our path every day.

Our story began in 1968. Grounded in the Catholic faith and inspired by the sisters of St. Benedict, who receive all as Christ, Saint Therese has thoughtfully evolved to best provide for the individuals, families and neighborhoods we serve.  As a nonprofit organization, we are grateful for the philanthropic support of generous donors through the Saint Therese Foundation, support that strengthens services and inspires innovation. We work hard to serve a larger purpose by establishing a place where everyone feels welcomed, valued and loved. 

We’re blessed with the resources to follow everyone’s story as it unfolds. Today, our five Upper Midwest senior living communities provide a continuum of compassionate care designed to empower residents to live as they choose —whether selecting independent living, skilled nursing support or memory care.

At Saint Therese, every day provides another opportunity to live with purpose, as illustrated by our Core Values:


As a faith-based provider, we warmly welcome one another so that all feel happy, safe, comfortable and accepted. We behave in a polite, friendly, courteous, inclusive, inviting and hospitable way. We go out of our way to accomplish this to ensure a sense of harmonious belonging for all.

Heartfelt Purpose

We profoundly and sincerely believe in what we do and that it is our calling. We have strong feelings and an unwavering commitment for what we do and how we do it because we genuinely and enthusiastically believe this is our WHY. We see ourselves first and foremost as servants to our residents and one another. Our people are passionate, energetic, spirited with fire in their hearts. We use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire.  

We Do the Right Thing

Even when it may appear difficult on the surface, all the time without hesitation or second thought. We know what the right thing is and we are empowered to act on it, ensuring that our relationships with our residents and each other are on solid footing and beyond reproach. We do what is best for the greater or common good; making decisions that are NOT based on our own personal needs, that don't expand our own popularity or enforce our own personal beliefs.


We genuinely value one another. We are respectful of one another, our residents, their families and the myriad of other internal and external constituents of our organization. We accept everyone for who they are, even when they may be different from us or we have differences of opinion. Respect in our relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, well-being and an overall healthy environment.


We work together and seek opportunities to lend a hand. We are one unified team with one purpose, one mission, one vision, one focus and one goal; to do ordinary things with extraordinary love.


We carefully and responsibly manage the human and financial resources entrusted to us. We recognize that our ability to deliver on our mission is directly tied to our ability to generate a margin; this ensures we have the necessary resources to sustain and expand our ministry now and into the future.


When we enjoy what we do we are more productive, less stressed, happier and engaged. We don't take ourselves too seriously. Fun translates to an environment where people want to be; when we find enjoyment and pleasure in what we do it directly translates to our resident and employee experience.

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