A Place for Everyone

While it may be difficult to imagine yourself or a loved one relocating to a senior living community, many people find the move results in many positive outcomes. Recent studies show individuals often experience more freedom, peace of mind, safety and security, convenience and relaxation after moving to a senior living community. 

Today, communities like Saint Therese offer many features and services, thoughtfully designed to appeal to a wide variety of personalities and inspire a rich, purpose-filled life every day. 


One of the most-cited reasons older adults favor senior living communities is the broad range of conveniently located amenities: shopping, dining, fitness and wellness programming, salon services, theater, library, medical care, chapel and more. Opportunities for socialization are critical for health and well-being because of the ample benefits they bring, including:

  • Increased mobility, which supports physical well-being including cardiovascular health, strength and balance.
  • Reduced risk of depression, isolation or loneliness
  • Protection against mental decline
  • Increased quality and length of life


While senior living communities offer an abundance of activities and personal services, many residents wish to take advantage of nearby shopping, dining and entertainment. At Saint Therese, we provide convenient transportation and exciting outings year-round that further enhance social interaction and the daily experience. 


While many seniors may worry that moving to a senior living community will negatively impact their level of independence, the opposite is often true. Residents of vibrant communities like Saint Therese often experience increased independence. Without the responsibilities of homeownership, individuals can focus on enjoying the activities and people they love. In addition, convenient onsite services eliminate the need to rely on the assistance of others and alleviates common concerns about driving, especially during unfavorable weather conditions. 


Incorporating fitness and wellness is an important part of daily living at any age. Senior living communities often offer onsite fitness classes and wellness programming to support independent lifestyles. Saint Therese residents and community members stay active, healthy and engaged with a variety of personalized programs through Ascend Rehabilitation


Many seniors seek out a community that can accommodate and easily adjust to meet residents’ needs as required levels of care change. Additionally, having access to a continuum of care allows senior couples to remain together even when care requirements differ. At Saint Therese, our comprehensive, seamless continuum of care provides reassurance and peace of mind for all involved. 


Seniors may require traditional physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy. As part of our continuum of care, Saint Therese offers inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and therapy services through Ascend Rehabilitation


At Saint Therese, our holistic approach to care looks at the needs of the whole person – physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. In fact, we believe spiritual health is one of the most important aspects of comprehensive care. This philosophy sets us apart from most senior living communities. Our pastoral care program is more than just regular Mass and interfaith services; it’s a source of counsel, companionship, encouragement and love. And, because we strive to support all aspects of our community members’ lives, our pastoral care services extend to family members and loved ones as well. The spiritual health programs at Saint Therese provide a purpose-filled faith journey for residents, no matter religious affiliation.  At Saint Therese, onsite, compassionate pastoral care is a constant, comforting presence. 


The welcoming, inclusive senior living communities of Saint Therese offer unique, purposeful amenities and programs. Contact us today to schedule a tour and experience the Saint Therese difference for yourself.