Solutions & Resources for Peace of Mind

Transitioning to a new home and way of life requires careful evaluation of a number of options and provisions, including financial considerations. Determining cost associated with any lifestyle change can cause uncertainty and stress for everyone involved, including family members. We’re here for you. For a positive, clear process, we invite you to meet with a representative from our business office to discuss your unique situation, answer your questions and explore every available resource. Together, we’ll arrive at a sensible solution that best fits your needs.

Commonly used financial solutions include:

  • Out-of-pocket (private pay) – Personal income or savings, including funds from the sale of a house or vacation property as well as withdrawals from investment portfolios. 
  • Medicare – Federal program for individuals who are disabled or of retirement age. Saint Therese has a number of professionals ready to help you understand current Medicare coverage and requirements. For the most up-to-date information, visit
  • Medicaid – It is available in the care centers and some of Saint Thereses residential/housing. 
  • Third-party payers (health plans) – Primary insurance that may include some out-of-pocket costs such as a co-pay and/or deductible. Contact your health plan for coverage information. 
  • Veterans’ benefits – Benefits available to veterans through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Available benefits vary by individual. Visit or your county’s Veterans’ Service Office for the most current information and to apply.

At Saint Therese, we strive to provide seniors and their families with peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a tour and discuss finance options.