When the Time is Right

The decision to change a loved one’s living arrangements can be a lengthy, emotional and stressful process, especially if your loved one is either resistant or unable to make the decision for themselves. If you are uncertain about whether a transition is necessary, you may wish to consider the following possible indicators:


  • Has my loved one lost weight?
  • Is he or she experiencing pain or difficulty walking?
  • Have you noticed decreased interest in hobbies or favorite activities?
  • Are you concerned about his or her meal preparation to maintain a proper diet?
  • Does his or her hair and clothing look the same as it always has? Is it neat and clean?


  • Has he or she fallen recently?
  • Has home maintenance become difficult?
  • Is he or she capable of obtaining emergency help if needed?
  • Does he or she properly follow medication directions?
  • Does your loved one have a chronic health condition that seems to be worsening?


  • Does my loved one seem lonely?
  • Has he or she lost touch with or disconnected from friends?
  • Has my loved one stopped attending religious services or otherwise disconnected from their place of worship?


  • When you visit, do you notice he or she has more than one or two unopened bills?
  • Have you seen any piles of mail, magazines or newspapers that seem to go unmanaged?
  • Has your loved one been receiving frequent thank you messages from unfamiliar charities or nonprofits?

If you answered yes to these or similar questions, it may be time to begin a conversation about living arrangements and care needs. These conversations can be difficult and emotionally draining for everyone involved. Your loved one may fear leaving the familiar comforts of home, have financial concerns or worry about losing independence.

At Saint Therese, we understand the uncertainty, concerns and even guilt you and your loved ones may experience at this time. We encourage you to tour one of our communities together and discuss your unique situation with our compassionate, knowledgeable professionals. Saint Therese offers a comfortable, vibrant community perfect for this next chapter in your loved one’s journey, where you all will feel warmly welcomed and at home. Take the first step and contact us today. We’ll be with you every step of the way.