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We’re steadfast in our fight against COVID-19

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Despite the unwavering efforts of our dedicated caregivers, Saint Therese of New Hope care center has continued to lose long-term care residents to COVID-19 and, unfortunately, will likely endure more loss due to the nature of this relentless virus. We want to help you understand why.

Saint Therese, like other senior care providers, has been on the front-lines of the COVID-19 pandemic for weeks. Although we implemented rigorous preventive measures on March 9— such as restricting visitors— our first confirmed case arose April 5— five days after testing finally became available to us.

Throughout this pandemic, we have collaborated with infection control specialists from MDH. They have helped us cohort COVID-19 positive residents, as advised by the CDC, to best protect our community from the spread of infection as well as preserve scarce PPE. These specialists have been invaluable partners in certifying we’re doing everything possible to stop the spread of this virus.

Because there are no therapies or approved treatments for COVID-19, it is predicted that health care facilities will continue to see a rise in cases. And although older adults are among the most-at risk to experience severe symptoms, this virus spares no one.

At Saint Therese of New Hope, our long-term care residents live in close quarters— two individuals per room and four per bathroom— which places us at a disadvantage in the fight against COVID-19. In response, our team has been diligent in their maintenance of designated care center neighborhoods; ensuring they function appropriately as COVID-19 units.

We’re privileged to provide professional, compassionate care to a diverse group of residents with varying conditions, needs and desires. As you may know, many COVID-19 patients are usually admitted to hospitals where they rely on ventilators to treat their symptoms and, hopefully, recover. But nursing home residents, like many of ours, typically have advance directives, including Do Not Intubate/Do Not Resuscitate orders, to ensure their needs are met. We’re proud to honor our residents’ preferences.  

This pandemic has been a devastating experience for our residents and their loved ones as they have witnessed friends and neighbors pass away in our care center. Our employees are also suffering. They’re doing everything they can to care for people they wholeheartedly love. And even when these caregivers lose someone they’re so bonded to, they continue the work they have been called to do—offering empathy, strength, love and reassurance for other residents still in need of their support.

We ask that you join us in extending thoughts and prayers to those who have lost loved ones to this virus. As we do so, our steadfast fight against COVID-19 will continue as will our work to deliver heartfelt, professional care to everyone we serve.