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Four Saint Therese of New Hope personnel awarded by LeadingAge

Jodi Boyne | LeadingAge Minnesota | January 29, 2020

Doing ordinary things with extraordinary love is the mission of Saint Therese and you need not look further than a receptionist, volunteer and two nursing assistants from that community to see individuals who are living that mission and demonstrating their commitment to their Safe Care for Seniors pledge.

“The City of New Hope is the first city in Minnesota to be named a Safe Care for Seniors city and it is because of the actions and dedication by people like Mary Forman, Veronica Reyes, Julie Scalze and Lawrence Wills that all who live and work at Saint Therese of New Hope are experiencing a life well lived. We are truly honored to recognize these individuals who each serve seniors in different ways for their shared commitment to provide safe, quality care, services and support.”

– Gayle Kvenvold, President and CEO, LeadingAge Minnesota

Meet the latest recipients of LeadingAge Minnesota‘s Make Zero Harm Possible awards — four Saint Therese of New Hope personnel awarded by LeadingAge Minnesota for their commitment to seniors:

Mary Forman, Volunteer: Mary began volunteering at Saint. Therese of New Hope in 2016. She has an extensive background in nursing and nursing management and has utilized those skills and her own personal experience as a caregiver for her mother to help people with dementia. Mary dedicates her time to residents in the memory care unit, where she practices four simple but valuable principles: be present, acknowledge people, pay attention and listen. She is also an inspiration to the families of the loved ones she serves and [employees] at Saint Therese of New Hope.

“Mary zeroes in and can spot a stressed resident who needs some extra attention. She validates the residents and the staff who work with her and makes everyone feel important. Mary inspires me to go the extra mile.”

– Jodi Halvorson, Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator, Saint Therese of New Hope

Veronica Reyes, Nursing Assistant: Veronica has been employed at Saint Therese of New Hope for four years and has distinguished herself as an outstanding nursing assistant among residents and [employees]. Her positive attitude radiates through the entire team and everyone knows when she is working because her smile and kindness are contagious. Veronica constantly provides safe and compassionate care to all she serves and makes sure that every resident looks their best before they leave their room for the day.

Julie Scalze, Receptionist: In her role as receptionist, Julia is the eyes and ears of Saint Therese of New Hope. She always looks out for residents and pays special attention to their comings and goings to make sure they are safe and secure. Julia is also attentive to visitors, making sure everyone is warmly greeted, signs in and has a visitor’s badge so they are known to everyone in the community.

Lawrence Wills, Nursing Assistant: In the time Lawrence has been a Nursing Assistant at Saint Therese of New Hope, he has provided compassionate care to all he serves, is known for the professionalism in how he approaches his work and exemplifies the organization’s mission. Lawrence enthusiastic about his work, demonstrates empathy as he goes above and beyond what is expected of him, and as a result has made a greater personal connection with residents and families.

Congratulations to these extraordinary four Saint Therese of New Hope personnel awarded by LeadingAge Minnesota. Our organization is incredibly proud of Mary, Veronica, Julie and Lawrence. We’re simply blessed to have each driving our mission and providing safe, secure, dignified and compassionate care to our residents and their families every day.